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Electromagnetic induction type absolute position measuring encoder | Elektromagnetischer Induktions-Absolutpositionierungs-Mess-Codierer | Codeur de mesure de position absolu de type à induction électromagnétique

IPC Hauptklasse:G01D000520
Anmelder:Mitutoyo Corporation (0)
20-1, Sakado 1-chome, ; Takatsu-ku, ; Kawasaki, Kanagawa 213-0012, JP
Erfinder:Sasaki, Kouji (0)
; c/o Mitutoyo Corp., 20-1, Sakado 1-chome, ; Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki-shi, ; Kanagawa 213-8533, JP

Abstract / Hauptanspruch
An electromagnetic induction type absolute position measuring encoder having two or more tracks, includes: two or more rows of scale coils (14-1), each of the rows including a large number of scale coils (14-1) arranged on a scale along a measuring direction so as to have a scale pitch (λ1; λ2) different from that of another row; a transmitter coil (24-1) and a receiver coil (20-1) arranged on a grid movable relative to the scale in the measuring direction so as to face the scale coils (14-1); and the track constituted by the scale coils (14-1), the transmitter coil (24-1) and the receiver coil (20-1), the encoder being capable of measuring an absolute position of the grid with respect to the scale from a flux change detected at the receiver coil (20-1) via the scale coils (14-1) when the transmitter coil (24-1) is excited, in which at least one loop-shaped additional scale coil (14-1b) is added between the scale coils (14-1) in at least one of the tracks. Accordingly, an induced current at the scale coil (14-1) when the transmitter coil (24-1) is excited is increased, thereby improving a detection signal strength at the receiver coil (20-1), and an induced current due to a crosstalk magnetic field is reduced. As a result, a measuring accuracy is improved.


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