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Optical sensor system, optical sensor device and bus segment for connecting the device to a bus of the system | Optisches Sensorsystem, optische Sensorvorrichtung und Bussegment zum Anschluss der Vorrichtung an einen Systembus | Système de capteur optique, dispositif de capteur optique et segment de bus pour raccorder le dispositif au bus du système

IPC Hauptklasse:G01D0005246

Abstract / Hauptanspruch
An optical sensor system comprises one or more optical sensor devices (1, 1'), a master device (2) and an electrical bus connecting the sensor devices to the master device (2). The bus comprises a signal daisy chain for the transmission of synchronization events. The sensor devices (1, 1') are adapted to detect a synchronization event at a signal input terminal (SI), to time an optical activity based on this synchronization event and to provide at a signal output terminal (SO) a synchronization event delayed by an offset time (T) with respect to the detected synchronization event. A property of the synchronization events provided by the sensor devices (1, 1') is indicative of an output value of the respective sensor device, corresponding to a state of an optical section to which the sensor is sensitive. Diodes (18, 18') are connected between the signal output terminals of the sensor devices (1, 1') and a signal line of the bus, which is connected to a signal input terminal (MI) of the master device, so that the latter receives the synchronization events from the sensor devices (1, 1'). The master device comprises means for extracting the output values of the sensor devices from these synchronization events. A sensor device (1) for such a system comprises an enclosure (4') of cuboid outer shape adapted to be mounted to a mounting rail so that the longitudinal direction of the rail is perpendicular to lateral sides of the enclosure. An electrical connector with the signal input and output terminals (SI, SO) and with power supply terminals (GND, UB) is arranged at a side connecting the lateral sides of the enclosure. Bus segments (3, 3') are provided for connecting the sensor devices (1, 1') to the system bus.


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