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Method for working out the angular position of a rotating element and device for carrying out such a method | Verfahren zum Ausarbeiten der Winkelposition eines rotierenden Elements und Vorrichtung zur Durchführung solch eines Verfahrens | Procédé pour déterminer la position angulaire d'un élément rotatif et dispositif pour réaliser un tel procédé

IPC Hauptklasse:G01D000528
Erfinder:MASA, Peter (0)
Crêt du Jura 3, CH-2208 Les Hauts-Geneveys, CH

Abstract / Hauptanspruch
The present invention concerns a method for working out the angular position of a rotating element which is mounted in a fixed frame, consisting in using at least one light source emitting a beam of light in the direction of a fixed sensor and using computing means for processing an output signal of the sensor,
characterized in that it consists in:
- a) arranging the light source with respect to the rotating element and of the sensor in a way so as to induce an interaction between the beam of light and the sensor which depends on the angular position of the rotating shaft,
- b) arranging on the path of the beam of light, in a fixed position with respect to the sensor, a perforated mask which presents a repetitive pattern of perforations,
- c) detecting shadows generated by the mask on the sensor,
- d) processing the output signal of the sensor for determining the position of the shadows on the sensor,
- e) and computing the angular position of the rotating element by using the position of the shadows.


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